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Eric Slavin was born on a United States Marine Base in Hiroshima, Japan. He is a bilingual (English and Spanish) professional guitarist and teacher. He comes from a musical family, and his grandmother, Elena Slavnaia was a celebrated soprano singer who sang at the Steinway Concert Hall in 1931. Eric’s musical aspirations started as a child studying piano under the Hungarian pianist, Agi Rado. He later studied guitar and music most notably in Washington, D.C. under John Marlow, Jerzy Sapieyevski and Haig Mardirosian. In 1988 he was an intern with Hector Villa-Lobos in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. There he met world class guitarist, Miguel Piva from Argentina and in 1989 he moved to Santa Fe, Argentina. In the ensuing years he had the privilege to study with the most famous Latin American pedagogues and composers such as Abel Carlevaro and Guido Santorsola. Slavin also became a founding member of the award-winning Santa Fe Guitar Quartet.

When he is not touring or recording, Eric Slavin is a much sought-after guitar teacher who in the last twenty years has taught numerous master classes, and has been on staff at both El Paso Community College and El Paso Conservatory of Music, El Paso, Texas. Slavin is a graduate of the American University, Washington, D.C. and has a Masters of Music from New Mexico State University.



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Closer to the flame

This CD is dedicated to the greatest guitar dreamscaper of recent memory, American composer and guitarist Philip Rosheger. Without doubt, Philip had the gift of dreamscaping. A good many of of his compositions for solo guitar were written in this manner, including the works found on this disc. During the preparation of this recording Philip passed away suddenly in December of 2013. He was aware of my recording project and enthusiastically approved of the other composers on this CD, especially Ralph Towner and Pat Metheny. It is my hope that this recording will especially find its way to those who hear music in their dreams.


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